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Below is more information on the ethos of the events and how groups are able to
participate in, and benefit from, a BYO Disco!

A call for interest

Bring Your Own Disco!
A call for interest

Who: anyone involved in fund raising for local charities or community groups.

What: A creative fund raising opportunity:
‘Let’s Play Records!’ would like to hear from small local charities, community groups or people interested in collaborating and co-organising an art and social event in their area.

Details: Use the vinyl only DJ resources of ‘Let’s Play Records!’ in a collaborative social art event held in your community to help generate funds and raise the profile for your project. ‘B.Y.O DISCO!’ is a road show of 10 art events that focus on audience participation and are funded by Arts Council England’s grants for the arts programme

The events use the traditional format of a mobile disco, but instead invite the audience to bring a selection of the records they wish to dance to from their own collection and take control of the music. Throughout the week preceding the disco ‘Let’s Play Records!’ and artists encourage hands on involvement with the group and its supporters in creating the theme, the games, raffles, competitions, prizes and stage set for the evening. In addition ‘Let’s Play Records!’ also runs a variety of sessions to choose from to take place on the afternoon before the main event such as ‘Collecta Selecta!’ where vinyl enthusiasts can get together for a ‘free- play’ session or a disco inferno aerobic work out, amongst others.

Other organisational tasks, such as promoting the event, selling tickets, are shared between ‘Let’s Play Records!’ and the group. The group itself is responsible for staffing the event, catering/bar, and arranging for donations of the raffle prizes and paying for the hire of the venue. All profit made from the bar, ticket sales, raffle and any other means used to generate income will go directly the group.

Please note: ‘B.Y.O DISCO!’ always happens on a Saturday!
When: January – August 2009
Deadline: 9th January 2009
How to Apply: via email - Send a description of the charity or community group and details about the project you are raising funds for.
Organiser: Bruce Davies for ‘Let’s Play Records!’

press release

Press release

‘Let’s Play Records!’ receives arts council funding for ‘B.Y.O Disco!’ road show. (Bring your own disco)

‘Let’s Play Records!’ - fronted by visual artist Bruce Davies - aka DJ Deafened – has just received funding from Arts Council England’s Grants for the arts
programme (in conjunction with Caradon, Restormel, and North Cornwall district councils) to present ‘B.Y.O Disco!’ a ‘strictly vinyl’ touring road show of 10 events that focus on audience participation and raise funds for local charities.

The events (one event per month from Christmas 2008) use the traditional format of a mobile disco but instead invite the audience to bring along a selection of records from their own collection and take control of the music and dance.

The road show is a fun opportunity that local charities and community groups can use to raise their profile as well as much needed funds for their projects. The groups will have use of the vinyl-only DJ resources and services of ‘Let’s Play Records!’ free of charge, helping to create an unusual art and social experience.

‘Let’s Play Records!’ works with professional artists, the group and its supporters to encourage hands on involvement throughout the preceding week devising a programme of events to complement the ‘BYO Disco!’ This includes choosing the theme and creating the stage set of the disco; sorting out the raffle, making up the games and competitions to be played. ‘Let’s Play Records!’ will provide all the ‘real’ cardboard instruments you would ever need and even supply a ‘cut out’ stage for you to perform on where every one can have their 15 seconds of fame! ‘Let’s Play Records!’ also runs a variety of sessions in the afternoon before the disco. Some of these include the tried and tested ‘Collecta Selecta!’ where vinyl enthusiasts can drop in for a ‘free- play’ session and ‘Disco Inferno!’ a high octane aerobic work out.

The normal organisational tasks, such as promoting the event are shared between ‘Let’s Play Records!’ and the group. The group itself is responsible for selling tickets, staffing the event, arranging for donations of the raffle prizes and the hire of the venue. All profit made from the ‘BYO Disco!’ ticket sales, raffle and any other means used to generate income, will go directly to the project the group is raising money for.

‘Let’s Play Records!’ would like to hear from local charities or community groups of all types from across Cornwall and beyond, who would be interested in collaborating and co-organising an art and social event with a difference in their area.

‘B.Y.O Disco!’ is art off the wall! ‘Let’s Play Records!’ takes art out of the gallery and places it in the community. It brings people together at a fun, energetic, social event to raise the funds needed to bring about the success of local projects and broaden the understanding of what contemporary art can be’. B.Davies, LPR!

If you would like the opportunity to become involved in an event please contact Bruce Davies using the details below.

For more information contact:
Bruce Davies
01785 1064925


Notes to editors:
‘Let’s Play Records!’ is funded by Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, through its Grants for the arts programme for individuals and organisations, in conjunction with Caradon, Restormel, and North Cornwall district councils.

Bruce Davies is available for interviews and advance photographs. (Wit woo!)

what's it all about?

What's it all about?

‘B.Y.O Disco!’ is a cross community project that seeks to integrate the aspirations of a wide and diverse collection of community groups with the activities of contemporary visual artists. ‘B.Y.O Disco!’ uses the framework of a community benefit to underline the importance of giving back to the community. The events are an opportunity for those involved at every level to reflect on and encourage responsibility for the achievement of the groups’ goals. ‘LPR!’ and the events it generates works by involving and engaging those who experience it. These events are intended to foster creative partnerships between audience and artist through the playing of records, dancing socialising and creativity. ‘LPR!’ uses these events to take contemporary art out of the gallery and into the community to broaden the understanding of what contemporary art can be.‘LPR!’ draws on the parallels between visual arts residencies and that of the club DJ and the residency formula they perform under. ‘LPR!’ adopts this format to create a peripatetic residency or ‘road show’ using instead community venues and involving community groups. ‘LPR!’ uses a traditional community event (disco) based around organising, socialising and dancing. ‘LPR!’ is not concerned with creating objects that we keep for eternity. An aspiration for ‘LPR!’ is an exercise in ‘de-commodifying’ and instead endeavours to leave the idea or experience of these events as a memory for the audience to recall. ‘LPR!’ is interested in the fostering of situations that help to develop a more dynamic system for presentation, participation and audience engagement in contemporary art. The appropriation of disco and its associated social mechanisms is intended to lead to the creation of a recognised platform for collaborative participation that will build on and promote the concept of ‘art-as-event’. The events are formulated to appeal to local charities, organisations and community groups and the wider communities which they serve. The events will enable these groups to raise the profile of their organisation and highlight their aspirations through a creative artist led partnership based on social interaction. A further objective is that the events will be of practical value to the community that hosts them. ‘B.Y.O Disco!’ also becomes a fund raising mechanism that enables participating groups to use the profits from the activity to help toward the realisation of their projects via an unusual and imaginative resource.
The focus of the LPR! takes interest in the dynamics of the presentation of contemporary art made to be experienced in site specific settings and the how the audience engages with the work. As a way of extending this in an attempt to level the field between artist and audience and address barriers of accessibility surrounding contemporary art where they are perceived to exist, I have begun to consider how cultural and social mechanisms can be used to explore this visually. Vinyl is one of the rare art forms that has been widely popular with both adults and the young and still has a hardcore of followers and enthusiasts. I have long viewed record collections as a ‘poor mans art collection’ that is accessible to all. As such I use ‘BYO Disco!’ to confront and encourage debate about what art can or can’t do to re emphasise that art is not restricted by medium content or context. It’s also very sociable and a huge laugh...

what it means to be involved

So what exactly will I have to do and what will I need for a’ B.Y.O Disco!’ event…

Be an enthusiastic part of a local charity or community group with a bit of time to spare
Commitment and drive – definitely turning up helps and transport comes in useful for ferrying in the bar, heaps of raffle prizes and cardboard recycling
Small pot of cash to cover the hire of the venue, the costs of stocking the bar and other knick-knacks etc.
A bunch of people to share the experience and the work.

N o.1: Book your venue and apply for a licence from your council

Important thing to remember at this stage:
‘B.Y.O Disco!’ always happens on a Saturday and normally starts at 8pm and finishes at 12pm. There maybe restrictions on finishing times where you live, just work to the nearest compromise.

Make sure you sort out the licence. This is probably the most important task as may take 6 weeks to sort.
Here’s a link for the TEN license anyway: You got to Tourism & Leisure, then Licensing Act 2003?, Menu and into Application Forms. Then send the form to the local district council office.
It’s not complicated but you do need to think a head – remember no licence no disco! Don’t forget to you’ll be wanting a bar licence too (soft drinks and nibbles too) to help lubricate those dance moves and loosen those purse strings.

If possible choose a date that doesn’t clash with too many other events in your area. (Or, if it’s a festival type event, maybe you can find ways to become part of it?)

Choosing the venue is important as we are not looking for a club but somewhere in your community – e.g. like a community/village hall a youth club or arts centre. A place that would accommodate at least 100 hundred people is ok, 200 is about max. Although size isn’t everything!- it’s just as much about raising the profile of your activities as making money – though it is certainly useful to make a pile now and then…

No.2: Publicising it

I’ll design and print the posters in the ‘LPR!’ style following direction on the theme from the group – but you’ll have to put them up in all the best busy and bustling high profile places in your area and adjoining neighbourhood as you know where they are! It also gives you an opportunity to talk up the event.

I’ll contact and push for coverage of your event in the local press and put an advert in the week before. But it is never easy getting column inches and you are never assured of getting a write up. So if your group can ‘lobby’ the press as well and tell them about your project it stands a much better chance of getting noticed. Taking photos on the night and sending them in for a follow up story is worth doing too which ‘LPR!’ will help with as well.

No.3: What are we going to do……and how are we going to do it?

For each ‘LPR!’ event we create a small set for the DJ booth normally on stage (if there is one or create one if not). For ‘B.Y.O Disco!’ the aim is to extend that idea out into the room and give it a theme that may have a connection with the groups’ objective. (Perhaps having a theme about a new roof for the village hall is stretching it a bit so it’s not set in stone what you choose – the theme could be chosen just for fun). ‘LPR!’ works with professional artists to help coordinate the construction of the stage set you decide to make and can supply some materials like paint willow and tissue paper for example to make this happen. Other materials, like the cardboard that we use to make props and instruments can be found at home in your recycling boxes and other places and brought along. The stage and prop making workshops will take place over 2 days (and evenings) on the Thursday and the Friday before ‘B.Y.O Disco!’. On the Saturday afternoon some free events using vinyl as a focus point, tailored to the ideas and input of the group, take place. During B.Y.O Disco!’ a number of games and competitions also take place throughout the evening.

Once the stage is set and the PA and DJ equipment is installed on the day of the event we sit back and wait for the hoards! When people arrive, if they have brought records they write their name and tracks of the record they want played on the paper bag supplied and pass me the bag with the records in, they buy a drink at your bar, dance…. buy a raffle ticket, pick up a cardboard guitar or whatever takes their fancy, buy another drink…enter a competition and win a prize? (If they are any good!) – or not as the case may be… then dance and dance to more records…until your elected MC for the evening speaks for about 10 minutes talking up your project, tell every one roughly how much we’ve made pass a bucket round for that last loose change, play some more records and play an encore, pass back the records to their rightful owners and it’s over!

Then we tidy up, clean the venue and pat ourselves on the back for providing such a good event that told loads of people about what you do and why you’re doing it and raised some needy cash.

‘LPR!’ tries to do as much as possible with the funding provided by Arts Council England’s grants for the arts programme, but it will only go so far. That’s why we need as much help as possible from your supporters. If we focus on what’s practical and effective with the time and resources that come your way and we’ll be sure of good night. It’s better to have an event that works than overstretching and having (in) complete cardboard chaos!

Remember that whatever we do is for fun…and funds. The list of things to do isn’t long or boring to carry out, though it depends partly on your ambitions. Here’s a basic list to give you an idea of what’s involved:

Fill in your licence form and send it off
Put up your posters
Tell all your friends and family
Sell your tickets
Talk about it at the school gate and work place
Wax lyrical at your local pub/shop/knitting circle etc
You don’t need a baby sitter cos it’s for your kids too!
Get someone to be on the door
Get someone to organise the raffle and sell the tickets
Get someone to sell drinks and nibbles at the bar
Get someone to be MC for the evening
Help build the set and make some instruments
Come to the day time events
Make sure we all tidy up and clean the venue afterwards…

…and bring some records!

‘Let’s Play Records!’ is funded by Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, through its Grants for the arts programme for individuals and organisations, in conjunction with Caradon, Restormel, and North Cornwall district councils.

Bruce Davies, ‘Let’s Play Records!’

Temporary Event Notice

Temporary Event Notice

This is where you download your form and get the information you need for a temporary entertainments licence from:

Information on the Licensing Act 2003 is available on the website of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport ( or from your local licensing authority.

You should keep a copy of the completed notice for your records. You must send two copies of the notice to the licensing authority and an additional copy must be sent to the chief officer of police for the area in which the premises are situated. The licensing authority will endorse one of the two copies and return it to you as an acknowledgement of receipt.